20th CBRNE Command - CSM Corner


Our enlisted members, both junior enlisted and noncommissioned officers, are steeped with tradition and coupled with common sense. It is our responsibility as noncommissioned officers to ensure a tough, disciplined formation with focused efforts at the individual, crew and team levels.

Training is our principle duty and responsibility as noncommissioned officers across the 20th CBRNE Command. The best way to create a force able to overcome obstacles and push themselves further as well as know that they can achieve greater feats than ever before is through tough, demanding and realistic training that allows shared experiences among our Soldiers.

Achieving a well disciplined force devoted to the mission and each other starts with welcoming those joining the team through sponsorship upon notification of an inbound Soldier to transition support when we must say farewell to members who are having a permanent change of station, expiration of time in service or retiring.

There are nine areas I want us to focus in on as enlisted leaders in order to ensure a loyal, caring and fiercely hardened team that is devoted to the mission and one another:

  1. Sponsorship

  2. Shoot

  3. Move

  4. Communicate

  5. Operate

  6. Medicate

  7. Leaders's Time Training

  8. Physical Readiness Training

  9. Noncommissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP)