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48th Chemical Brigade
Headquarters, Fort Hood, TX,

2d Chemical Battalion,
Fort Hood
21st Chemical Co (CS), Fort Bragg, NC

31st Chemical Co (BIDS)
44th Chemical Co (CS)
101st Chemical Co (CS), Fort Bragg, NC
181st Chemical Co (CS)

110th Chemical Battalion, Fort Lewis, Wash.
9th Chemical Co
11th Chemical Co
172d  Chemical Co

22d Chemical Battalion, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.
25th Chemical Co
46th Chemical Co
68th Chemical Co (CS) Fort Campbell, KY
59th Chemical Co (CS), Fort Drum, N.Y.

83d Chemical Battalion, Fort Polk, La.

51st Chemical Co (Hvy)
92d Chemical Co (Hvy), Fort Stewart, Ga.
63d Chemical Co, Fort Campbell, ,KY


52d Ordnance Group (EOD)
Headquarters, Fort Campbell, KY.

63d Ordnance Battalion (EOD), Fort Drum, N.Y.
725th Ordnance Co (EOD)
731st Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Stewart, Ga.
754th Ordnance Co (EOD)
756th Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Stewart, Ga.
760th Ordnance Co (EOD
766th Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Stewart, Ga.

38th Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Stewart, Ga.

705th Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Polk, La.

184th Ordnance Bn (EOD), Fort Campbell, Ky.
49th Ordnance Co (EOD)
703d Ordnance Co (EOD)
717th Ordnance Co (EOD)
723d Ordnance Co (EOD)
744th Ordnance Co (EOD)
788th Ordnance Co (EOD)

789th Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Benning, Ga.

192d Ordnance Battalion (EOD), Fort Bragg, N.C.
18th Ordnance Co (EOD)
28th Ordnance Co (EOD)
55th Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Belvoir, Va.
722d Ordnance Co (EOD)
737th Ordnance Co (EOD)
767th Ordnance Co (EOD)

71st Ordnance Group (EOD)
Headquarters, Fort Carson, Colo.

3d Ordnance Battalion (EOD), Ft. Lewis, Wash.
53d Ordnance Co (EOD)
129th Ordnance Co.
707th Ordnance Co. (EOD)
710th Ordnance Co (EOD)
759th Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Irwin, Calif.
787th Ordnance Co (EOD)

79th Ordnance Battalion (EOD), Ft. Hood, TX
47th Ordnance Co (EOD)
75th Ordnance Co (EOD)
704th Ordnance Co (EOD)
752d Ordnance Co (EOD)
761st Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Sill, Okla.
797th Ordnance Co (EOD)

84th Ordnance Battalion (EOD), Fort Riley, Kan.
162d Ordnance Co (EOD)
630th Ordnance Co (EOD)
734th Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Bliss, TX
741st Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Bliss, TX
763d Ordnance Co (EOD), Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
774th Ordnance Co (EOD)

242d Ordnance Battalion (EOD), Ft. Carson, Colo.
62d Ordnance Co (EOD)
663d Ordnance Co (EOD)
748th Ordnance Co (EOD)
749th Ordnance Co (EOD)
764th Ordnance Co (EOD)

CBRNE Analytical and Remediation Activity
Headquarters, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.
Co (RRT), Pine Bluff Arsenal, Ark.
Aviation Elemen
Consequence Management Unit
Abingdon, Md
The 20th CBRNE Command integrates, coordinates, deploys, and provides trained and ready CBRNE forces. Capable of exercising command and control of specialized CBRNE operations to support Joint and Army force commanders primarily for overseas contingencies and warfighting operations, but also in support of homeland defense. Maintains technical links with appropriate Joint, Army, Federal and State CBRNE assets, as well as the research, development, and technical communities to assure Army CBRNE response readiness.

* Full time focus on Combating WMD, countering CBRNE threats and defeating all types of IEDs - tactical through strategic

 * Command and control joint, Army and other government agencies' specialized WMD/CBRNE analytic, staff and operational forces

 * Force provider of trained and ready expeditionary CBRNE force packages to execute the wide range of combating WMD missions

 * Reachback communications connectivity from field to subject matter experts at headquarters, national level laboratories, industry, academia or other state/federal CBRNE resources

 * Core element of Joint Task Force for Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction (JTF-E)